Miami University

Scientific Equipment Used In Contact With Hazardous Materials

Due to the health concerns of dealing with hazardous materials in contact with laboratory equipment, the Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) requires that any instrument brought to our facility for service be made safe for the technician before it will be accepted for maintenance.

  • Chemical Contamination
    • If the equipment to be serviced has been in contact with any type of hazardous chemicals, it is
      the responsibility of the user to clean and decontaminate it before bringing it to the IL for

  • Biological Contamination
    • If the equipment to be serviced has been in contact with a biological hazardous material, it
      should be cleaned and decontaminated with a 70% Ethanol solution or acceptable alternative.

  • Radioactive Contamination
    • If the equipment to be serviced is labeled "radioactive material" or has been used for radioisotope
      work, then it must be wipe tested and found to have removable contamination below 350 net dpm
      before it is moved from the lab to the IL. Wipe test results must accompany equipment, as
      per the Miami University Radiation Safety Manual. (See manual for additional information.)

  • Asbestos In Equipment
    • If an instrument is believed to contain asbestos, the IL will contact the instrument manufacturer
      and/or the Environmental Health and Safety Offices (EHSO) to determine if the material in
      question is truly asbestos. If the equipment is found to contain asbestos, repair or disposal
      options will be discussed with the PI and/or department chair.

  • Vacuum Pumps
    • All oil filled vacuum pumps must be drained and flushed (until clean) before the IL will accept
      them for maintenance. For a flushing procedure and forms (3 pages). The pumps should be
      brought to the IL empty of all oil. This is in accordance with the IL's "Pre-Servicing Vacuum
      Pump Care" policy. (Copies of documentation are also available in hard copy from the IL.)

  • Final Authority
    • Final authority for determining the acceptability of equipment for service is left to the
      discretion of the Director of the Instrumentation Laboratory.