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Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment List

The Instrumentation Laboratory provides interdisciplinary access to major research instruments located in the science departments. Specialized instrumentation that meet the criteria for inclusion on the list are made accessible to all researchers.

The benefits to the principal investigator for the instrument of having it on the IL's Laboratory Equipment List are that the Instrumentation Laboratory pays for the maintenance and that service to the instrument has the highest priority with the Instrumentation Laboratory.

Instrumentation Laboratory Equipment List




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Lynx 410 LX Rack & Cage Washer

Laboratory Animal Resources

19 Psychology

Jazzminn Hembree


Lynx 536 LXi Tunnel Washer

Laboratory Animal Resources

19 Psychology

Jazzminn Hembree


Primus PSS 500 Autoclave

Laboratory Animal Resources

19 Psychology

Jazzminn Hembree


X Ray Systems


Criteria for Inclusion on the IL Equipment List

For instrumentation to be included on the list, it must:

  • Be unique in its mission. No duplication of instrument function on campus.

  • Have a purchase price greater than $50,000.

  • Be purchased via joint interdepartmental purchase or grant. / Or must be purchased via grant, contract, or start up funds and PI agrees to interdepartmental use.

  • Additions from current university inventory must show at least 10% interdepartmental usage and have no current maintenance problems.

Departmental Responsibility for Instruments on the List

  • Possess or purchase paper copies of service manual for instrument, including all schematics and full parts lists.

  • Possess or purchase all service/alignment tools needed to maintain instrument.

  • Maintain an instrument log to track usage (both intradepartmental and interdepartmental). [Log book cannot be kept on computer, must be separate and permanent hard copy (i.e. notebook, lab book, etc).]

  • Agrees to pay for training of IL personnel, if deemed necessary by Director of the IL to support the instrument.

  • Is responsible for cost of repair of instrument (parts or parts & labor, if outside vendor is needed), if failure is due to misuse.

  • Is responsible for repair/replacement of computers, perpherals, etc.

  • Is responsible for all upgrades (software & hardware).

PI's Rights and Responsibilities

  • Agrees to allow & encourage interdepartmental use of instrument.

  • Agrees to supervise interdepartmental use and to document all instrument use in logbook. [See above for log book requirements.]

Instrumentation Laboratory's Rights and Responsibilities

  • Equipment on IL's Equipment List will be IL's top priority for repair.

  • Agrees to pay for maintenance (parts and labor, if needed), other than consumables (which will be defined and agreed upon by the Director of the IL and the PI).

  • Agrees to pay for travel and expenses for IL personnel when undergoing training on instrument.

Auditing and other Misc. info

  • Usage of instruments on Equipment List will be audited every two years by IL personnel.

  • Usage logged during manufacturer's warranty period will determine eligiblity for inclusion for recently purchased equipment. Must have a minimum of 10% interdepartmental usage.

  • For instrument to stay on the IL's Equipment List, it must have a minimum of 10% interdepartmental use (runs/samples) during each auditing period.

  • If instrument fails audit, IL will allow a one year probationary period (to allow instrument usage to meet criteria or for department to prepare to take over maintenance costs).

Procedure for inclusion on IL Equipment List

  • Make sure instrument meets criteria. If not sure, consult with Director of the IL.

  • Download and complete the application form.

  • Print, get appropriate signatures, and submit to the Director of the IL for approval. Approval could require interaction with IL, to answer questions concerning application.

  • The Director of the IL makes the final decision on all applications.